Located at the south East side of the Lucknow Arena

Open 24/7 for your convenience

Cardiovascular Equipment:
*Treadmills *Ellipticals *Spin & Recumbent Bikes *Row Machine

Strength & Muscle Conditioning:
*Weight Machines *Power Racks *Free Weights *Functional Trainer *Medicine Balls *Kettle Bells *TRX *Exercise Balls *Resistances Bands *Bosu *Skipping Ropes *Box Jumps *Gliders *Body Bars *Foam Roller *Sandbags *Metal/Bumper plate weights *Ab wheel *Assistance bands

Squash Court/Fitness Classes/Small Group Training

For information on membership costs, fitness classes offered and times, and information about Moffitness Health & Fitness Centre visit our website https://www.moffitness.com/

Moffitness Rules Of The Gym

Email: moffitness@hotmail.com
Voice: 519-395-3834