Lucknow & District Sports Complex Return to Operation Summary

(please see Return to Operation Policy for full details)

  • Before arriving at the Lucknow & District Sports Complex, all users should complete a self-screening assessment.
  • If you or anyone in your household are feeling sick, please do not come to the Facility.
  • All persons entering the Lucknow & District Sports Complex must wear a face covering that securely covers the nose, mouth and chin in all common areas, as required under the Grey Bruce Medical Officer of Health Order.
  • Physical distancing of two meters is required at all times where possible.
  • All users should use hand sanitizer upon arrival, and throughout the rental as well as practice proper hand hygiene.
  • The main entrance doors will remain locked at all times. Renters, organizations or groups will be permitted to enter the building 15 minutes before the rental time by a designated volunteer within the organization.
  • Ice users will be required to stay in their dressing room before their event until they are notified that the ice is ready for their use.
  • Ice users and spectators must exit the facility within 15 minutes of the end of their event.
  • If participating in a sport, players are strongly encouraged to come fully dressed
  • Water bottles should be filled prior to entering the building and have the users name on it.
  • Ice users will be limited to maximum capacity of 25 people to allow for 25 people before or after the rental to be in the facility.
  • Spectators will be limited to 1 spectator per participant totaling a maximum of 25 spectators per event, to allow for 25 spectators before or after the rental to be in the facility.
  • The lobby will be off limits other than for tying skates. The stands will be available for spectator viewing.